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On the current fights between sailormoonspou, nangbaby, and the assorted other members of the sailor moon fandom.

I fail to understand why people think that they can get away with spewing hatred just because they think that other people don’t like them.

If you keep ranting on about how you’re the victim and everyone else in the whole fandom is evil, while at the same time you are hurling insults at them left and right… Well no WONDER people aren’t going to like you.

If you say you want people to treat you as an equal, and you want them to like you and listen to you, how about NOT slamming down any opportunity to talk as being “fake?”

People delete posts because they realize it was a mistake to put up, not because they’re trying to hide evidence.

People are ‘ostracizing’ others because said others are being assholes about everything.

An apology is not an excuse.

Basically, I am sick to death of all of this hatred.

You know WHY they called their blog Sailormoonclique? Because that is what you want them to be. It’s called sarcasm. You seem to know how to use it quite well, so why can’t you recognize it? All I see is hatred from one side, and lessening tolerance on the other.

People are sick of you because you are jerks. Not because you disagree with stances on dubs v subs, or on copyright, or anything else.  It’s because you don’t want to listen to anyone else’s side, and you claim that they’re always in the wrong no matter what always.

I am trying to be on the side of logic and reasoning. I am trying to be rational about all of this. But I have been accused of hatred when I was trying to make nice, rational, discussion.

The haters say that they are never listened to. Why don’t they try to do some listening themselves?

We’ve tried looking at it your way, so try looking at it from ours.

This has been SailorCresselia, aka Dragonicsoul, aka a graphics editor at Miss Dream, and this has been a message.